Saturday, December 17, 2011

Best Diet: McDougall/Esselstyn vs Fuhrman

[The above is a 13 min. clip of a panel discussion between, among others, Drs. McDougall, Esselstyn, and Fuhrman on "the best diet." A question is asked about Fuhrman recommending limiting starches (carbs), and McDougall's diet being "carb-based" (not entirely accurate). The resulting discussion is most interesting. Don't miss Esselstyn's eyes when Fuhrman talks about plant-based fats and "fear of fat" (especially in view of his own 20 yr. peer research on fat and heart disease). I'm biased in agreeing with McDougall and Essy. Essy's approach works (for me.. I've been following it since mid-Feb: MC interview with Essy), and McDougall has been ahead of the curve for years.

IMHO, Fuhrman has done some great work, influenced many veg'ns, and has a lot good ideas well worth paying attention to. That being said, there's also plenty of research indicating that whole grains are good for reduction/prevention of some cancers, diabetes, aspects of heart disease, and so on. Furthermore, Essy's methods & research have successfully reduced cholesterol and reversed heart disease without have to keep "score" in terms of calories, densities, grams, points... whatever. Ultimately, though, I believe we must all find our own optimal approach through listening to people like these three dedicated men and then integrating what works into one's personal dietary lifestyle. One size may not fit all!

ADMIN NOTE: sorry for delay in posting recently... it's Spring and there's a LOT of digging and planting of trees, bushes, greens, and veggies going on... Go fat-free vegan: eat a rainbow daily with whole grains!]


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